FINERY MAKER: Pure Primal at The Finery Fair 2016

After her bouts with cancer,  Sylvie Hewitt – founder of Pure Primal – started her search in SA for “natural” body and home care alternatives and found it an impossible task! After being “greenwashed”, not being able to find TRULY natural products – “so natural you can EAT them” – she took a few steps back in time and looked at the way our very wise ancestors used to live and function.

She soon realized that most of the answers lie within the humble offerings from the Free Range Grass Fed animals around us. Pure Primal makes and uses Boerseep for every thinkable household need. They handcraft Ointments, Balms and Lotions made from Free Range, Grass Fed tallow, to be used from head-2-toe for any and all ages and skin conditions.


The Finery Fair 2016

Pure Primal Market ONLY supports local, small businesses and the use of correctly rendered tallow from 100% FREE RANGE, Grass Fed and HAPPY animals (including wild game in hunting season!) as well as 100% Pure and Organic Essential Oils. NO water and other cheap fillers added, not to mention any other unpronounceable nasties.

Make sure you get your tickets for The Finery Fair 2016 and pass by Pure Primal to get your stash of all natural Boerseep… the perfect gift to yourself on Heritage weekend!