FunKtional Furniture by Design is a furniture design studio with one humble vision to create affordable furniture made from repurposed, restored and revitalized materials, which will add a sense of hand-crafted original work of art that you can actually use in your home or office. FunKtional Furniture by Design uses locally sourced materials to build unique pieces to fit your living space. Owner Josh Chuttergoon–a local artist and designer–believes in creating affordable funktional art that is both a conversation piece and stylish furniture for your office or home.

More about Josh Cuttergoon…

When Josh moved in with Katie (his wife) all they had was a mattress and a small couch. Looking for new furniture they found it too expensive, boring and mass produced. They also found that it wasn’t exactly what they wanted and that the quality left much to be desired for. Now their home is also their studio – it is constantly evolving as they add unique pieces or as he gets inspired. Funktional furniture by design wasn’t the original name, which was Funking Art. The name Funking art caught a lot of people’s attention, but as they defined the business they changed the name to better represent what Josh was doing. Funktional Furniture by Design with a K – to keep the FunK in all that he does.

As his ideal materials, Josh mainly uses stuff found in a scrap yard – old car seats, lanterns, headlamps, stuff that has been abandoned and people consider junk. The first piece that Josh built was a magazine rack made out of repurposed wooden coke trays and funnily enough this was also the only piece that sold at his first show. Most of Josh’s inspiration takes place when he is travelling on a plain or train and so he never leaves home without his sketchpad.

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