FINERY MAKER: Mayalief at The Finery Fair 2016

Mayalief specialises in nursery decor and toys for babies and toddlers. Scatter cushions, pacifier clips, soft-play toys and fabric dolls are just some of the pretty things available. All their products are handmade; from the silkscreen printing to the last thread sown. Most of the items can be customised according to our clients’ colour and theme requirements. Mayalief products are thus wonderfully personal gifts and adds a unique touch to any nursery or toddler room.

Mayalief at The Finery Fair 2016

The Finery Fair Arts Festival is a fine affair for the whole family 24 & 25 September at Kievits Kroon, Pretoria. Mayalief is just one of our talented Finery Makers catering for the little ones. Be sure to get your tickets today and do not miss out on the creative and unique children’s products that will be on display at the fair.