FINERY MAKER: Gypsey Rose at The Finery Fair 2016

Where does a journey begin and where does a journey end? It is often difficult to identify either the beginning or the end, as the journey is often the sub-category, the process level of some intention and a direction to fulfill some purpose. Someone said our life journey is to find our gift(s), and when we find it our purpose is to give the gift(s) away.

Another word used to describe Gypsey’s is “Travelers”. This is an indication of a journey and an intentional search for gifts and finding a deeper purpose. A rose has so many connotations and meanings in our lives. It is a symbol of beauty, compassion, love, gifting, forgiveness and intimate connection.
GYPSEY-Rose at The Finery Fair 2016

Tess has been on a journey of discovery and enjoying a beautiful love affair with “Mother India” for close to two decades now. Some 16 plus years later and more than 20 trips to India, Tess has established her gift for creation and beauty. Her joy is to be with crafts people who have for centuries, created, made and wowed the world with the most fascinating and beautiful fabrics. Once the fabrics and designs are created and stitched, they begin their journey to South Africa and the home of Gypsey Rose in Johannesburg.

This year Gypsy Rose will be at The Finery Fair 24 & 25 September at Kievits Kroon. Make sure you get your tickets today and be transported to a world where fine things are celebrated.