FINERY MAKER: Bun & Bunee at The Finery Fair 2016

Bun&Bunee is a new brand with an animation-based skater theme, yet the products are family friendly! Skateboarding has a sense of fun and outdoor adventure for kids, teen, and young adults!

They have 10 designs of skateboards, tees, caps, hoodies, and other accessories, that will be available at The Finery Fair 2016.

BUN-&-BUNEE-at The Finery Fair 2016

Bun&Bunee has a community responsibility objective, to make skating available to underprivileged youth here and abroad. Bun&Bunee will be sporting their own skate park at The Finery Fair and will be facilitating a skate workshop on both days. Their instructors are teens that are passionate about the brand, what Bun&Bunee stands for and love to skate!

They are all about having fun and making stuff to have fun on!

Get your tickets to The Finery Fair 24 & 25 September at Kievits Kroon  and bring the kids to have a go on Bun&Bunee’s awesome boards… or maybe even have a go yourself J. See you at The Finery Fair! #HAVMORFUN