Our next Finery Maker, Gerhard van Vuuren, has thrilled us with his invigorating, thought provoking artworks and we couldn’t wait to share his story with you…

Gerhard van Vuuren has always wanted to create and started drawing and painting in primary school, where he would win books or other prizes for his art. It was in high school that he started making pocket money by drawing biology sketches for his peers. Gerhard has been a full time artist now for 15 years and cannot imagine his life otherwise.

His work is hard to define as it is abstract, yet realistic, conceptual and filled with expression. Painting mostly with acrylic, he not only uses brushes but sometimes even Perspex or rubber to move the paint around, creating interesting effects.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.29.08 PM

Gerhard is moved and inspired by daily living, by people and their emotions and expressions while communicating everyday things. He likes observing people’s behavior under different circumstances, for example angry husbands at shopping malls, mothers and children or young love…

Gerhard sees being colorblind as a blessing in disguise, because he does not have pre-set limitations on what should or should not be, pushing his artwork beyond the boundaries of convention.

Make sure you do not miss the Finery Fair to get your own statement piece from Gerhard van Vuuren, guaranteed to draw the eye of every visitor in your home.

For more of his amazing pieces please visit his website: